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Collaborative Divorce TeamCPSC: Vision, Mission and Core Principles


Collaborative Practice is the preferred process for divorcing families that offers the best opportunity to preserve their privacy, dignity, financial resources and protect the child/parent relationship.


Collaborative Practice Simcoe County attracts qualified collaborative professionals to meet the increasing public demand through networking and marketing efforts.  Competent professionals are retained through providing a framework of support, including the web site, brown bag lunches, documentation and qualified referrals.

All members of CPSC promote the virtues of collaborative practice to the public through media training of members, piggy back marketing through existing public programs and providing a strong web site for the public to access.

Core Principles

In an effort to empower the clients to drive the Collaborative Process through information, support and transparency, we embrace the following principles:

  • Respect the various collaborative process models being used
  • Commit to ongoing learning for professional growth and competency in the collaborative process.
  • Honor the diversity of the professionals involved in the process, utilizing our differences as strengths.
  • Value strong marketing and educational efforts in our community
  • Trust in each professional’s commitment in the Collaborative Process.