What Do You Want?

WHAT DO YOU WANT? If you’ve decided that you and your partner are going to separate, you probably have a wish list in your own mind as to how you’d like things to move forward: Fast. Or at least as fast as possible. Inexpensive. Or at least as inexpensive as possible. Friendly. Or at least as non-adversarial and as friendly as possible. Clients almost always tell me that they would like to resolve their family law disputes as quickly as possible,… Read More >

Is it possible to deal with High Conflict People?

  By Dr. Ellen Anderson Is it possible to deal with high conflict people in a family law dispute using a collaborative team approach? Bill Eddy, an American lawyer, mediator and clinical social worker, thinks it is. He’s written an outstanding book called High Conflict People in legal disputes which draws upon his expertise in all his areas of training. Eddy tells us it will help to identify what kind of high-conflict personality is involved, so that team members understand that person’s particular… Read More >

Collaborative Arbitration – A New Option

What’s the greatest strength of the collaborative process?  You’re not going to court.  There are two aspects to not going to court.  First, you and your team of professionals are motivated to keep the process amicable and respectful so it can be resolved out of court.  Second, the exclusion clause in the contractual participation agreement excludes all the professionals (lawyers, family and financial experts) from going to court, which encourages everyone’s utmost commitment to settlement. So what’s the greatest weakness… Read More >