What Do You Want?

WHAT DO YOU WANT? If you’ve decided that you and your partner are going to separate, you probably have a wish list in your own mind as to how you’d like things to move forward: Fast. Or at least as fast as possible. Inexpensive. Or at least as inexpensive as possible. Friendly. Or at least as non-adversarial and as friendly as possible. Clients almost always tell me that they would like to resolve their family law disputes as quickly as possible,… Read More >

Is it possible to deal with High Conflict People?

  By Dr. Ellen Anderson Is it possible to deal with high conflict people in a family law dispute using a collaborative team approach? Bill Eddy, an American lawyer, mediator and clinical social worker, thinks it is. He’s written an outstanding book called High Conflict People in legal disputes which draws upon his expertise in all his areas of training. Eddy tells us it will help to identify what kind of high-conflict personality is involved, so that team members understand that person’s particular… Read More >

Collaborative Team Practice: Taking the Politics Out of Family Separations

In the heat of the US 2012 presidential election, the October 2012 job numbers in the US were released in early November 2012, just days before election day in the heated presidential election. There was good news. There was bad news. The good news: 171,000 jobs were added, beating expectations. The bad news: the unemployment rate increased from 7.8% to 7.9%. While some, like economists, were able to see the news in full view (good news and bad news), the… Read More >

Hearing the authentic voice of the child – The parent’s responsibility

By Deborah Alton   How do we define the “authentic” voice of the child AND how do we ensure it is heard? The voice of the child is finally being elevated to its rightful place as an essential aspect of any custody determination. Although children are the focus of any custody dispute, their views and preferences have traditionally been a secondary consideration, if not ignored completely. Since a custody decision will determine the course of the child’s life in many… Read More >

What is Collaborative Team Practice?

By Brian Galbraith Collaborative Team Practice (CTP) is a revolutionary new way of resolving issues related to your separation and divorce without going to court. In CTP, a team of professionals works with you and your spouse to find the best possible outcome for your entire family. You stay in control of the process and the outcome. You find win-win, long-lasting solutions. It’s private, cost-effective, efficient and dignified. It works. Here is how CTP Works: In a CTP negotiation, both… Read More >

Collaborative Professionals Help Overcome Anger

By Brian Galbraith Anger. Have you ever felt so angry at your spouse you could just scream? I remember being so angry I just wanted to kick the furniture or throw something at the wall. I was furious. I bet everyone who has gone through a divorce has been overwhelmed by anger at one time or another. It’s normal. Our heart pumps fast, our face turns red, and we just want to lash out. If our email is open, we might just send an… Read More >

Why You Should Refer to Collaborative Professionals?

By Brian Galbraith Here is why…. Doctors, Dentists, Health Care Practitioners: You know that a divorce battle is one of the most stressful events in a patient’s life, especially for their children. You give your patients the gift of a less stressful way to divorce, promoting good health,  if you refer them to a Collaborative lawyer. You will be a hero. Marriage counselors, therapists: You know the destructive impact of divorce battle on families, especially children. You are giving your clients… Read More >