Is a Divorce Alternative Right for Me?

Should You Choose Collaborative?

You have made the decision to get divorced. The question now is how you will become divorced. If you think Collaborative Divorce may be right for you, start here.  

For Parents With Children

Collaborative Practice is for parents who want to protect and preserve the wellbeing of their children, both during and after divorce.

Looking to Preserve Assets

Collaborative Practice will provide you with organizational tools, information and guidance in resolving your financial issues.

Keeping Divorce Private

Collaborative Practice can offer you the privacy and dignity that you deserve, protecting the details of your divorce from anyone besides you.

In an LGBTQ+ Relationship

Collaborative Practice is a gentler, kinder approach that assists members of the LGBTQ+ community in resolving conflict and dissolving relationships.

Looking for Simple Divorce

Collaborative process allows you to get the help you need to move through this chapter of your life as quickly and efficiently as possible.