Private Divorce Barrie

Public exposure of the personal details of your family and your financial life can be:

  • personally embarrassing;
  • professionally damaging; and
  • hurtful to your children.

Thus, privacy may be critically vital to you and your spouse, or partner, when resolving issues arising from your divorce.

Court records and court proceedings are, in most circumstances, open to the public. This means that, in most circumstances, any member of the press or the community could sit in on your Court proceeding. Your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and the curious could learn the details of the accusations made by you and by your spouse, or partner,regardless of the truth of these allegations. Most couples want to protect their children and their family from these risks of traditional litigation and do not want the details of their divorce to become public.

If you and your spouse, or partner;

  • fear that conflict could lead to mudslinging or acrimonious, adversarial litigation;
  • have a high profile in your community that might attract media or other attention;
  • might suffer financial loss or damage if your business or financial affairs were made public;
  • have details of your history or life circumstances that are embarrassing or sensitive in nature;
  • hail from a cultural or religious background in which privacy is critical; and/or
  • believe that it is undignified to air your private issues in public,

Collaborative Practice can offer you the privacy and dignity that you deserve. Only you, your spouse and your hand chosen Collaborative team will know the details of your divorce. Further, the Collaborative process is designed to reduce high conflict and prevent the sort of extreme, exaggerated or derogatory allegations that might impede a settlement and damage goodwill between you and your spouse, or partner.

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