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Separation and divorce can profoundly impact your life. It feels like your whole world is crumbling. You may feel sadness, anger and frustration. Remember that divorce is just a chapter in the book of your life: the sooner you move through it, the sooner you may open the next chapter.

There is a saying that “When one door closes another opens…. but it is hell in the hallway”. Divorce is the hallway of hell. There is so much uncertainty and emotional turbulence, it is stressful for everyone. Most people just want to move forward with their lives.

Often the court process makes it feel worse. Court is an adversarial process where each person is tries to win the battle. Parties often feel that their relationship deteriorates and the stress escalates during the court process. A painful process becomes worse.

The advantage to using the Collaborative process is that you get the help you need to move through this chapter of your life as quickly and efficiently as possible. You get the support you need so you can make the best decisions for your family and yourself. Your team of Collaborative professionals helps you problem-solve and work through the issues. No longer is the focus on winning but rather it is on finding a solution that meets both parties’ core concerns.

Of course, the road to settlement is not always smooth: there can bumps from time to time. The difference is your Collaborative team will help you through the challenges efficiently and effectively. The Collaborative process minimizes the emotional and financial pain of divorce.

If you want to want to move forward with your life, the Collaborative process is for you.

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