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Joseph Powers


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Joseph Powers, or Joe, attended the University of Toronto where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts with a double major in history and economics. Joe became passionate about the Rule of Law and the importance of everyone having both the protection of the law as well as true access to law as a result of his focus on the history of both the American and Russian revolutions. With this driving passion, he continued onto study law at Queens University.

After being called to the Bar in 2000, Joe opened his own practice and has been a sole practitioner until he joined Galbraith Family Law. While he has always practiced family law, Joe also has a vast amount of experience in criminal law where he honed his trial skills in numerous trials that have benefitted his family law clients both in being able to negotiate to avoid trials as well as applying these skills in the family law trials when reasonable settlements could not be reached. While he enjoyed the legal challenges of criminal law, Joe shifted his focus to family law and has practiced family law nearly exclusively since 2007.

While working on all areas of family law, Joe’s focus in family law has been on custody and access focused cases and has developed a reputation for being able to effectively deal with very high conflict cases involving an opposing party that is very unreasonable. While it is always preferable to negotiate and work out solutions between the parties themselves, Joe is well situated to advise his clients when it might become necessary to access the Courts in order to get decisions made so that everyone can start working on moving ahead with their lives without constant conflict.

In addition to his extensive trial experience, Joe brings a great deal of appellate experience to his work. Joe made a conscious decision when he started practicing to seek out appeals in order to both learn more intensively the areas of law involved but, also, to learn from the mistakes of others in order to help his clients avoid these pit falls. Joe has conducted appeals in every level of Ontario Courts including the Ontario Court of Appeal on a number of occasions.

Having been through a very difficult divorce himself, Joe is very aware of the difficulties facing families during this emotional and frightening process. He has both personally as well as professionally experienced the frustrations of being “stuck” in the legal process with its long delays, expensive and inefficient use of resources as well as the impact of court orders that are decided by a judge rather than the people that must live according to these orders.

Joe’s greatest pleasure in family law is to help families to learn how to adjust to their new lives while avoiding making costly mistakes based in fear through negotiations and teaching communications skills that removes blaming and inflaming language while increasing clarity in order to avoid miscommunications.

Having spent all of his summers on an Island on Georgian Bay, Joe spent four summers as a search and rescue operative for the Canadian Coast Guard as well as having run his own construction company on the Bay focusing on renovations of historical cottages and the installation of solar power systems. He continues to spend as much time as he can on the Bay.

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