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89 Dunlop Street East, Unit 103, Barrie ON
L4M 1A7




Sue Cook

Family Coach

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Sue Cook is a leader in both the mental health profession and Collaborative Team divorce. Sue Cook has taught hundreds of Collaborative and Divorce professionals in Simcoe County, Ontario and United States. Sue started her social work career in 1979 and she has helped thousands of individuals, couples and families over the years. In 2000, Sue Cook brought all of her experience together as she built her private practice in Simcoe County. In 2008 Sue started Family TLC, family therapy and life coaching group. Sue has selected a team of mental health professionals who give exceptional service.

Family TLC has a branch that is dedicated to Separation and Divorce and provides cutting edge services that has a foundation in high level of knowledge, skills, and experience. Family TLC family coaches and child specialists will ensure that you receive the support and guidance that is needed to get through this transition.