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124 Dunlop St. West Barrie, ON
L4N 1B1




Toni Nieuwhof


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Toni has a passion for family law and for supporting her clients through the transition of a separation or divorce. As a mother of two grown children, she knows firsthand the struggles of being a parent. Having a separation or divorce thrown on top of the responsibilities of parenthood can be overwhelming. Toni is committed to treating each client as she would like to be treated, and to helping her clients negotiate or litigate a fair resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Toni’s goal is to help her clients make wise decisions about their separation processes and to keep the children’s interests front and center. She is passionate about effective co-parenting; advocating for a fair separation deal and creating enduring solutions to separation issues.

Toni has a knack for settlement negotiations, advocacy and leadership. In addition to her practice as a family lawyer, Toni has had experiences as broad-ranging as tribunal decision-maker, project manager, navigator of change for hospital corporate reviews, and legal researcher and writer for a national legal publisher. Toni is licensed as a lawyer and pharmacist in Ontario, and is a member of the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (“FDRIO”), Collaborative Practice – Simcoe County, Simcoe County Family Law Lawyers Association, Orillia Law Association, the Simcoe County Law Association and the Ontario College of Pharmacists.  Among other volunteer activities, she volunteers with FDRIO to raise awareness of out-of-court separation options and was an organizing participant in the newly-instituted Family Dispute Resolution Week.

Toni’s concern for protecting the interests of children and others inspires her to be a contributing author to a legal textbook entitled “Vulnerable Persons – Legal Protection and Remedies in Canada”.

In her spare time, Toni enjoys different athletic pursuits including road cycling, hiking, running, canoeing/ kayaking, and downhill- and water- skiing. She loves the freedom and adventure of canoe trip camping.

Whether the issues are related to children, support or property division, Toni’s attention to detail, advocacy skills and sharp sense of justice make her an excellent advocate.