What is Collaborative Practice?

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What is Collaborative Practice?Collaborative Practice involves professionals working collaboratively and cooperatively to assist their clients to resolve the issues related to separation and divorce out of court.

Collaborative professionals include lawyers, financial specialists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, and mediators, working together as a team to assist clients to resolve their disputes.

Collaborative Practice offers separating or divorcing couples an alternative to court. In all cases, each client will be represented by a collaborative family lawyer.

It is also an inter-disciplinary team approach – when appropriate,  collaborative family lawyers and collaborative family coaches (such as counselors, social workers, psychologists, and mediators) and collaborative financial specialists (accountants, financial planners) work together to help clients deal with this very stressful and challenging transition of divorce.

The process of collaborative practice helps protect the best interests of both clients, and the best interests of children.

The collaborative team works together to resolve all issues in dispute – including property settlement, parenting issues, or support.

Collaborative practice is a cost-effective, respectful process that results in long-lasting legally-binding agreements.